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Audience Testing Postcards

Project type

Mixed Format Post Cards


2018 - 2020

This brand blew up in the golden age of catalogs, at a time when direct mail was novel and significantly cheaper than investing in brick and mortar locations. As prehistoric as that may sound, direct mailers had a significant head start when the digital revolution began. They clearly understood the value of their customer file and were fastidious in keeping it well maintained and up-to-date. Successful mailers already knew how to leverage customer data to customize and scale their communications as the internet blew the doors open to the marketing universe. They quickly realized, however, that many of their most productive customers were less enthusiastic. So as productivity fell precipitously, they quickly began to regroup, rethink and react in more measured ways.

Every card in this collection was created with a clear and defined purpose to a specific audience with an actionable outcome. Can I boost productivity by mailing a physical touchpoint to a web buyer? Can I boost loyalty? How do I measure each? The actionable outcome, that's easy.

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