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Trish Scully Halloween Catalog

Project type /

Halloween Look Book

Date /

September 2021

Role /

Interpreter, Lead Designer & Copy Writer, Production

Founded over 20 years ago in Southern California, Trish Scully was a digitally native, family owned brand interested in exploring what print, specifically catalogs, could add to their business. It was clear, pretty much from the beginning, they had an avid fan base, willing to not only follow on social, but also deliver amazing reviews. Logo artwork and year of beautiful photography were available - articulating the brand and developing the vocabulary came later. The final design of their Halloween book was an evolutionary process which began with digging into the customer file and understanding who the Trish Scully customer(s) really was as well as what they bought and why, then learning the product line and leaning into their best selling product as well as some new favorites.

Beyond the actual print catalog, an E-Book was also one of the deliverables. Posted on social and their site, there was significant interaction and conversions that came from the digital version as well. A clear win across both print and digital channels.

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